Friday, November 5, 2010

We Have a Winner

Well Hello every one,
I have had such an eventful afternoon. My day started off really lovely with a tad bit of crafting. Then the school called. Luke decided to fall up the stairs and face planted the side safety rail and gave himself a swollen face, right next to his eye. Poor little bugger it must have hurt. He will have a nice shiner in the morning I'm sure.
The next call was a real interesting one it was from my Hubby who applied for a job in Cape Preston (which is in the Northern Territory) and he GOT IT!!!!!!! Yahoo. Only down fall is he will be working away :( But on the plus side he is only away from home 2 weeks and gets to spend an entire week work free with me and the munchkins.
So this is why I'm a bit late in drawing the winner of my little give away. So with out any more the winner is Aussie Loz. Congrats to you, YAHOOO! If you can email me your address I will pop them into the mail. It is such a great feeling getting something in the mail other than a bill.
Well I must be off dinner is about ready then I'm off to will a few dollars in bingo, like the positive
Thank you to all who entered and leaving a comment
Take care


  1. Oh wow! Thanks so much Maree, and thanks to your little man for drawing my name! I have just emailed you now, can't wait to receive those gorgeous images!
    Loz ♥

  2. Well done Loz :D
    Oh no Maree I hope your little one is OK and not too badly hurt :(
    I have been away from here for ay too long I am so sorry I am a crap blog friend right now so busy with all my challenge commenting I don't ever seem to get to the blogs I want to for me lol
    I hope you are well and thanks for all your comments on my blog.

    Huge hugs

    Amy xx

  3. Well done Aussie Loz, enjoy your goodies!!

    Hello hun, soz not been about alot since Birmingham have had lots of crap going on at home this week, will catch up with you and we can have a good natter, loves you xxx