Monday, July 13, 2009

We are home

Hi Everyone,
As you can see I'm back from Kalbarri and gosh what a great time we had. It only rained a few days but we still got out and about. The kids had a blast with fishing, swimming ( to cold for me), kicking the footy and playing in the playground. Even though we had a fab time it is nice to be home it's just a shame that a truck load of washing followed us.
I haven't had a chance to do any cards yet, thanks to the washing, but I thought I would share a few happy snaps with you.
The first couple of photo's are of the views from the top of Red Bluff. Once at the top of the cliff you can see for miles and miles. The waves were enormous the day we went it was truly amazing. You can also see the whole town of Kalbarri at the top. We were so high it felt like you could touch the clouds.
The next photo is of my kiddies at Pot Alley, this is also part of the Kalbarri coast line.
The last photo is of the house we stayed at. It had a massive back yard and heaps of room on the inside, the best part was that it took us a 2 minute stroll to get to the beach. Each morning we would wake up to the sound of the waves hitting the beach, it was so lovely. I hope you enjoy looking at them. I will bore you with a few more tomorrow. I'm having a few problems uploading them, I had to use my daughters camera seeing mine decided to stop working day 2 of our holiday, and now Leigh-Annes camera just doesn't want to load them into my computer. I dunno modern technology tutt tutt.
Enjoy your day people and hopefully tomorrow I can finish the washing and pop by to see what you have all been up to.
Stay safe


  1. WELCOME HOME, I HAVE MISSED U!!!!!! Wow love your photos, where are the ones with you in?? You must send me a up to date one of you, please please please. The only ones I have of you are from when you were over staying with us thats 14 years ago me thinks! Hope you are fully refreshed and had a good rest, the kids are growing up too quickly! We are going to Devon in a month's time, can't wait for the break! Right am off to make tea, speak soon, love and huggles me xxx

  2. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time Maree and what fantastic photo's the views look amazing, thanks for sharing them. Catch up with you soon!!

    Joanne xx

  3. Hiya stranger x
    sounds like you had great fun and that washing it's cheeky following you home!!! love your photos - gorguss kids and yeah where are ya! says me hiding behind me monkey snapshot! hee hee xx
    glad you back
    Suzie Q

  4. Sounds like you had an absolute blast love your photos

    Emma xxx