Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hi everyone, I'm having so much trouble leaving comments and viewing peoples posts. Is anyone else having these worries or is it just me and my computer, It's driving me NUTTY! (or should I say NUTTIER!....lol) Hope someone can help. Maree x


  1. Hey hunny, your not nuts! I have probs sometimes leaving comments. I find that if I go to open id on the comments and put thecraftygoatgirl.blogspot.com, then post again and that should work. Fingers crossed thats sorts it for you, good luck, xxx

  2. Hi Maree
    Mr blogger is being a right pain in the bottom. I am having loads of probs too...
    I was told to upgrade to internet explorer 8 but just made it worse. Seems lots of people are having the same issues, fingers crossed they will get it sorted soon.
    Emma x

  3. Hi Maree

    Yep I've had lots of problems, apparently quite a few of the problems are to do with peoples music players on their blogs.
    I was also told by a few to download Firefox and use this instead of explorer and that has worked too, so far I've had no probs with anyone'e blog for the few days that I've been using it. Hope this has helped and that you are keeping well.

    Joanne x

  4. Hiya,
    no advice im afraid not good on the old pooter, but you best get it sorted as I have given in!!! you know what i mean x

  5. Hi Maree
    Hope you are well and got your blogger problem sorted.
    Huge thanks for your lovely comments, so much appreciated as always.
    Hugs Emma x

  6. I'm having problems too. My latest hitch made me disappear as a follower to all my fave blogs ( yours being one of them!) I haven't stopped following you but I am getting mighty fed up with blogger!!