Friday, January 14, 2011

Good morning

Hi everyone, I hope you are all fine and dandy. Once again I'm starting to fall behind, but like everyone around Australia I have been glue to my T.V. watching for updates on the horrible, devastating floods in Queensland and now New South Wales. These people have lost EVERYTHING and if the uncontrollable water wasn't bad enough some people have started looting. I have to agree with one of the Mayors, they should be used as flood markers. There is no excuse for this behaviour, and should be punished severely. Lake Clifton, south of Perth, have had some horrific fires. People have lost their homes and all their belongings thanks to some heartless firebugs. They too should be punished severely, maybe a fitting punishment is to help the residents of Lake Clifton rebuild their lives and see first hand what they have done and they should do this day in and day out until they have paid for what they have done even if this takes them years. Please if you can donate money (the Queensland Government have a website set up and so does the City of Perth) or even a spare 5 minutes, pray for these people they have a long way to go. Sorry for all my moaning I do appreciate all the comments it just makes me very upset to see people in such bad times, I know the floods are an act of nature but the fires, they should never have been started. Thanks for stopping by I'm hoping my mojo will return soon so I can get to my table and make a few cards. Maree x


  1. its horrible to see and hear isn't it. You feel so helpless, and realise that as far as we come as Human beings theres a lot still to be desired.

    Thankfully the magority are good citizens, and that rebuilding lives and homes should be able to be done quickly with the support around them!

    Wish you all the best!
    Have a great Weekend!

  2. Hi Maree, I just had to stop by and say Happy Australia Day to you...and I read your post on Queensland and the fires in W.A (my sister lives in Dianella)and it just goes to show you in Queensland's case, mother nature still holds the upper hand but for those mongrels who lit those fires someday they will get theirs (as my mum used to say).
    I hope your day is happy and for me I've been doing some crafts but it's back to work tomorrow :(
    Lynn :) xx

  3. Hi Maree,
    im not too clever on my geographics but hope you will not be affected by this awful weather x
    thinking of you
    Suzie Qx