Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hi everyone, Just thought I would let you all know I haven't fallen off the planet, I haven't been to well lately and at this moment the Doctors are still not 100% sure why I'm so ill. I have had a few tests done and now playing the waiting game. I hope to be well enough soon to make my way back to my craft table and get some Chrissy cards done as I'm running out of time. Thanks for popping by Maree


  1. Oooo chin up chicken, David said that you were to have more tests. If your up to it, maybe we could have another skype chat on Saturday, will confirm just incase we are going out for the day. Please, please get better soon, love you lots Hxxxx

  2. Sorry to hear you aren't too well Maree, sending you big hugs and truly hope you soon feel better.


    Joanne xx