Friday, August 27, 2010

An Award

First I must apologise to my dear cuz Heidi she gave me this award last week but I have been so busy I haven't been able to pass it on, BUT today is the day!
The rules are simple:
  1. Thank the person who gave it to you, Thank you Heidi (Love ya heaps xxx)
  2. Put the award on your blog, That will be done in about two minutes
  3. Tell everyone three thing that you love, so 1. would have to be my family, 2. Crafting, of course and 3. Quiet days at home with my wonderful man, Stuart and my three munchkins, it doesn't happen often but when it does I just love it.
  4. A picture you love. This is so mean cause I have lots of photo's and I treasure them all. But because I will follow the rules the photo in my sidebar of my Dad would have to be one of my fav. This is the last photo taken of my Dad and I will always treasure it.
  5. Pass the award on to five blogs you love. This is the hard bit cause I love all the blogs I visit for many reasons. But, again must follow the rules so here goes:

Thanks again Hedi this was so much fun to do. Take care everyone.




  1. Well Done on the award, Love your pic of Dad and the 3 things I think we all have the same loves. Have a great weekend Hazelxoxo

  2. Oh Maree thanks you so much for the lovely acknowledgement, you are so wonderful!!! I feel very privileged, you would even consider me as being one of your favorites..Your blog is pretty fantastic too:)..and certainly deserves this wonderful award :)
    Again thankyou!!
    Lynn :)

  3. Thanks so much Maree!!!

    Will pop it on right away!