Sunday, July 4, 2010

What was a bad week is now a good one

Hi everyone, Well I have had such a crappy week, but as you can tell from the title it has become a good one. It started with a phone call on Monday morning from one of my childhood friends to let me know her father had passed away. It really stirred up all the sadness of losing my own father 3 1/2 years ago. Come Friday, which I spent in tears, we had the funeral which made me fell totally useless as there was nothing I could do or say to make it any better for my friend. (My thoughts are with you and your family Tracey xx) Poor hubby hasn't had any luck in getting a job after apply to a few adds throughout the week, and having no reply. Today I took my daughter to the movies for a little time out, we saw Eclipse (loved it, loved it, loved it) but imagine my surprise when getting home checking out my blog and finding a comment from Lynn to pop over to her blog. Well I did and guess what? I have won her House Mouse Card Kit. I'm so excited. Yeah ME! Please pop over to have a peek at her blog Lynn really is a talented lady. Thanks again Lynn! So I now have the biggest smile on my face. Winning the kit really did come at a good time. OK it's tea time in this house and the stove is calling my name. Thanks to all of you popping by and listening (reading) me moan. Take care Maree xxxxx P.S: If all goes well I should have a card ready to enter in a challenge tomorrow.


  1. Sending you hugs Maree. xxxxxxx

  2. Hi Maree
    So sorry to hear of your friend losing her father. A friend of ours did too a month ago and as soon as I heard I sat and cried....just brings back all the pain and know the heartache they are feeling dont you.
    Hope your hubby finds work very soon and congrats on winning the candy.
    Take care, hugs Emma x

  3. Congrats on your win Maree glad to hear that your week is on the up.
    Sending you and your friend hugs
    Sandra x

  4. Hi Maree, I'm sorry I didn't know the circumstances to why you were so depressed and my heart goes out to you...always remember those who pass on are in a happy place and they are always watching over us..and there are always us craft buddies out there who care too :)
    Take care
    Lynn xxx

  5. Hi Maree, thankyou so much for your message on my blog,i have seen that you have not been having such a good time yourself.
    I could not email you regarding us meeting up but it would be nice so if you email me your phone number i will call you and we could catch up.
    my email address is look forward to hearing from you.
    Take care Luv Paula